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Correct startup steps of plastic sheet extruder

1. Turn on the main power and protection switch
2. Turn on the key switch, the power indicator light is on (green), temperature control instrument, ammeter, tachometer, pressure gauge, governor control panel, etc.
3. Heating: heating machine head, sieve plate furnace, screw, heating set to normal temperature
4. Heating time of the plastic sheet extruder: the sieve furnace must be heated for more than 3 hours, the main body must be heated for more than 3 hours, and the three-roller mixed water heated for more than 1 hour (first add the head for 1 hour, then add the body, the temperature ratio Set the standard height to 20 degrees, and return to the set temperature after booting)
5. Start-up production: Adjust the gap between the three rollers before starting the machine. The height of the gap is consistent with the thickness of the planned product, but after the product is normally produced, the actual thickness of the product is measured and fine-tuned. When adjusting the gap between the three rollers, be careful not to push iron and hard objects (including feeler gauge) into the gap to avoid damaging the three rollers. The normal adjustment height should be less than 0.05mm of the thickness required by the production plan, and fine adjustments will be made during the trial production process
6. Before starting the extruder, check the load and prohibit the host from running without material. When starting, the motor should be started, and the motor must slowly accelerate and feed. When starting, the host speed should be controlled below 10 rpm. When the material is normal, the ammeter starts the circulating water pump and adjusts the shut-off valves
7. Start the lubricating oil pump and check the oil level and lubrication of the machine
8. Start the drive and set the speed of the main motor speed regulator
9. When packaging production, the filling volume is set according to the speed of the speed limiter, and the cutting width and cutting width are according to the