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Nanjing Sumino Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2020 and is a plastic machinery limited liability company.  The company mainly produces Sumino series extrusion casting laminating machines. After years of long-term development and technological innovation, it has now developed into a specialized production company.  In order to expand the market demand of this industry, we sincerely invite new and old customers to come to consult and build a quality system with a quality culture together with our company to create attractive and soulful products.

      Nanjing Sumino has strong comprehensive strength, high technical level and perfect after-sales service.  The company is diligent in the needs of market development and is committed to creating the Sumino series extrusion casting compound machine production and sales services. This product is used for automatic high-speed rewinding and unwinding. Due to the quality and production Machinery, it is quite popular among the demanding groups.  Product types, models, etc. can be supplied according to customer requirements.
       The Sumino series extrusion casting compound machine is the main product promoted by Nanjing Sumino Machinery, and it is also a product with a good sales situation.  Nanjing Sumino Machinery adopts wholesale and retail methods for market development.  "Customer first, reform and realistic, people-oriented, unity and enterprising" is the company culture practiced by our company.  We also provide after-sales service of free product information consultation.

      "Pursue" is our theme, and we will make every effort to achieve better results and strive for the top.  Our company manages the Sumino ellent Sumino series extrusion casting laminating machine, the product quality is Sumino ellent, and it also provides diversified services for the demand groups.  Nanjing Sumino Machinery insists on seeking development with integrity, and has strict requirements on equipment quality. It has professional technicians responsible for quality control, and is supported by the majority of demand groups.  Interested customers are welcome to visit and guide cooperation!  Address: No.11 Kaituo Road.JiangNing District.Nanjing City.Jiangsu Province.China