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How to maintain the extrusion laminating machine£¿

Brief Introduction of Extrusion Laminating machine

extrusion laminating machine

Extrusion Laminating machine is also called extrusion casting laminating machine. It is mainly an extrusion molding machine with high automation procedures, relatively simple operation and relatively fast production speed. It has been used in Europe and the United States as early as possible. And it has developed more maturely in Europe and America. Laminating machines have gradually replaced dry laminating, hot melt adhesive coating laminating machines, etc. The use of laminating machines in daily life requires maintenance of Extrusion laminating machines in order to achieve a long service life. effect

1. Daily maintenance

1. Keep the guide rollers and silicone rollers on the surface of the machine clean.
2. Keep the inside of the drying oven clean and clean the filter and filter screen of the suction machine.
3. At the end of the work, the glue tray, gluing anilox roller, laminating silicone roller, and back pressure roller must be cleaned, otherwise it will directly affect the dosage of glue and cause the product quality to be unqualified.
4. The replaced silicone roller is cleaned, wrapped, and stored in the air.
5. Check whether the vacuum packing machine is working properly, and the screw and barrel are not allowed to rotate without any air.
2. Monthly maintenance
1. Completely clean the whole machine, clean the guide rollers, rubber coating rollers and silicone rollers.
2. All rotating parts of the machine must be refueled.
3. Check the sturdiness of each mechanical drive, and tighten it if there is any looseness.
4. Check the tension and life of each transmission chain.
5. The cooling frosted roller and composite silicone roller must be covered when the machine stops.
6. Check whether all the wiring terminals of the heating box and electric cabinet are loose, and tighten them when there are loose parts.

7. Clean the electrical box of the motor.

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