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Can PP PLA sheet be extruded by one machine ?

Sumino PP PLA sheet line with full-automatic mould is finished!

Can PP PLA sheet be made of one machine ?Yes! Sumino Tells you the truth.

This machine is Suitable for processing PLA, PP and other materials.
pp pla sheet extrusion line

After 70 days effort, after process design, mechanical structure design, parts processing, Sumino Machinery 1200mm fully automatic PP PLA sheet production line was assembled, and it will be powered on today.

The production thickness of this machine is 0.3-0.8mm, and the customer requires absolutely flat after cutting.
The following is a brief introduction to the Sumino Machinery production line

¡̣In order to ensure the stable and long-lasting operation of the machine, the machine body adopts a thick steel frame with real materials.pp pla sheet extrusion line

¡̣The main machine is equipped with a single screw extruder.

¡̣The automatic touch head is equipped with an online thickness gauge to realize fully automated operation, which reduces the skill requirements for the start-up master, and makes maintenance and operation more worry-free.

¡̣Large winding diameter (up to 1200mm); the weight of a single roll can reach 1000kg.
pp pla sheet making machine
¡̣High output, using oven, the sheet is not easy to curl after cutting.

¡̣The whole line adopts man-machine interface display, PLC serial sequence control, and temperature module management and operation are more convenient.

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