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PP Spunbond Spunmelt Non-woven Fabric Machine

Introduction of PP Spunbond Spunmelt Non-woven Fabric Equipment

  • Material: PP polypropylene fiber
  • Spunbond PP melt index: 28-45
  • Melt blown PP melt index: 1300-1800
  • Melting point: 166¡ãC
  • Spunbond fiber denier: 1.8-2.5 denier
  • Meltblown fiber denier: 1.6-4 microns

Simple introduction

Sumino machinery's non-woven fabric extrusion equipment can provide a variety of models for customers to choose according to their production needs.

The effective width of the product is from 1600mm-4200mm (special specifications can be customized), and the thickness of the product can be adjusted freely online.

Embossing on cloth: "diamond dot", "elliptical dot", "cross pattern", "one-character pattern", "flat pressing".

The products are widely used in the fields of industry, agriculture, medical treatment, labor insurance, water conservancy, aviation, shoe materials, packaging and daily necessities, and have the characteristics of light weight, softness, breath-ability, non-irritation, and chemical resistance.