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Factory Direct 100% Biodegradable PLA starch granules machine with formula

General Introduction

Processing material PLA/PBAT/PVA+Corn starch/Cassava starch+some small additives

Final product 100% biodegradable granule Application Films, bags, plates, cups, straws, chopsticks,etc

Capacity 10~1000KG/H (We can provide any capacity model as per cutomers' need)

Certification CE&ISO

Formula Available

(We have formulation, it can be provide to customers together with the machine)

We have two kinds of formula£¬one is PBAT add starch and additives£¬which is suitable for making film products as shopping bags£» the other is PLA add starch and additives£¬which is suitbale for injection or thermoforming products as food containers £¬straw £¬bottles and so on.