Plastic Film Extrusion Machinery Manufacturer-Nanjing Sumino Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd

General Introduction

1 Suitable raw materials: water-based solvent, oil-based solvent

2 Operating substrate thickness 20-135 ¦̀m
3 Coating form Microgravure reverse coating
4 Tension range 0-50 kg full pair width
5 Mechanical running speed 80 m/min The coating speed depends on the user's specific process
6 Coating width 1000-1600 mm
7 Coating thickness 5-10 ¦̀m

8 The highest temperature of the oven is 180¡æ electric heating

9  The key-type air shaft is used for retracting and unloading, which is convenient and fast for loading and unloading.
10  High-precision upper-pressure traction device, steel roller cooling adopts water circulation type, the film is smoother through the cooling roller, and the cooling effect can be achieved better.

Performance and characteristics
1. The whole machine is controlled by 4 frequency conversion motors, and the tension of the whole machine (coating, oven, traction, rewinding) is automatically controlled by the German Siemens PLC system. It is controlled and displayed by the Taiwan Weylon man-machine interface touch screen to improve the reliability of the tension of the whole machine.
2. The feeding rack is independent and adopts magnetic powder automatic tension control.
3. Anilox coating method, the coating scraper shaft adopts heavy-duty double-shaft mechanical independent swimming, the scraper adjustment method is manual with pneumatic, the angle can be adjusted at will, the coating amount depends on the anilox roller mesh line, and different coating amounts can be Change the anilox roll with a different mesh line.
4. The oven is 21 meters divided into 7 sections with independent temperature control. The heating adopts electric heating cycle heating, hot air enters the drying system, adjustable internal circulation suction and exhaust device, strong air intake and exhaust wind, and thorough drying.
5. The guide wheel in the oven is driven by an independent motor to synchronize with the host, and the transmission is driven by a synchronous belt wheel to reduce material stretching and deformation. The cylinder open-top oven and film-piercing operation platform make it easier for the operators to work.
6. Coating roller---The intermediate tension of the traction steel roller is synchronized with a floating swing arm and automatically controlled by PLC.
7. Automatic meter and speed control device.
8. EPC air-sensing edge trimming machine is used to correct the deviation, in order to make the material winding more neatly.