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Stone paper making machine

General Overview of Stone paper production line

The paper is coated by blowing film,streamer or calendar,and the coating solution is prepared according to the formula.the on the coating machine for coating production,this equipment adopts the method of rotary type reverse coating,through paper and reverse formed between coating roller,coating material feeding foller speed difference,realizes the uniformity and stability of coating adhesion on paper,again after oven to dry,repeat the same action to coating on paper back,finally the stability of the constant tension winding can be finished stone paper roll.

Product Application

The use for Stone Paper is only limited by your imagination. In addition to its natural bright white color, Stone Paper has a soft, silky smooth feel.
With its key benefits such as Tear Resistance, Water Proof, Grease Repellent, Fire Resistant, Recyclable, photo degradable and more, Stone Paper is not only an alternative, but it is the product which has the lowest impact on our green planet.