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PE Extrusion laminating on yellow paper machine 

Brief Introduction

The high-speed double-sided laminating machine is mainly designed for the laminating of paper, non-woven fabrics, woven bags and other products. Using LDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA, EAA and other coating grade laminating resins as raw materials, it can achieve double-sided simultaneous laminating. membrane.

The machine is equipped with automatic paper splicing, automatic tension control and automatic correction functions, and the actual production line speed reaches 180M/Min.

Mechanical specifications

1.Maximum effective width
800m;1000mm;1300mm;1600mm or Custom made
2.Extrusion screw diameter
¦µ80mm ¦µ90mm ¦µ110mm ¦µ120mm and so on

3.Maximum extrusion volume:160kg/hr  180kg/hr  220kg/hr 240kg/hr or more

4.Total power of extruder:30KW-200KW
5.Coating speed:500-200m/min 
6.Applicable coating resin:LDPE, PP, EVA, EAA
7.Applicable Base material
BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, CPE, paper (PAPER), aluminum box (AL), non-woven fabric

8.Film thickness: 0.12~0.6mm
9.Net film thickness error : ØQ”Ą5%
10.Composite cold roll
11.Main unwinding diameter: ¦µ800-1300mm (extra large roll diameter)
12.Auxiliary unwinding diameter: ¦µ500mm

13.Rewinding diameter: ¦µ800-1500mm (extra large roll diameter)