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TPU Extrusion laminating on fabric machinery

Brief introduction of TPU film

Nanjing Sumino Precision TPU coating production line series are suitable for the formulation of plastics, engineering plastics, special engineering plastics and other equipment. Packaging single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer co-extrusion cast film extrusion production line. The extrusion system uses a metering pump for closed-loop control, which can effectively make the film forming stable and uniform in thickness. Multi-layer co-extrusion uses distributors for layering, including AB/ABA/ABC/ABCBA/ABCDCBA/ and other structures


1. High-precision T-shaped die, fine processing to ensure the uniformity of the coating.

2. High-speed and high-efficiency mixing screw (German technology)

3. Independently designed pneumatic quick screen changer, simple operation and no material leakage, 360-degree second unwinding rack

4. The whole machine can adopt monotonous or PLC man-machine interface centralized control, and the design of machine-electricity integration

5. The winding and unwinding parts can be individually designed according to the different requirements of customers to fully meet the different needs of customers

6. It can be equipped with single extruder, double extruder, multiple extruder, to realize multi-layer co-extrusion