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PP Sheet production line 

°ÚSuitable for processing PLA, PET, PP, PS, ABS and other materials.

°ÚApplicable to 100% fully recycled crushed materials, wide channels, low prices, and support the environmental protection industry.

°ÚThe main machine is equipped with a co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder with multi-stage exhaust and good plasticizing effect.

°ÚThis machine adopts crystal dehumidifying and drying device for the drying of raw materials, which is suitable for the production of 100% fully recycled crushed materials. (All raw material production does not require drying treatment)

°ÚLarge winding diameter (up to 1200mm); the weight of a single roll can reach 1000kg.

°ÚThe output is as high as 550kg/h without discoloration and good toughness.

°ÚThe whole line adopts man-machine interface display, PLC programmable control, and temperature module management and operation are more convenient.

°ÚThis machine is equipped with a lateral precision feeding device, which can produce sheets of different colors.

°ÚThe screen changer adopts a candle-tube long-term filter, and the screen change time can be extended by 50-100 hours. (Optional)


PP sheet has high transparency, good barrier properties, low density, sanitation, and can be recycled. It does not produce toxic and harmful gases when heated or burned, does not endanger human health, and does not corrode equipment. It is a new type of green Environmentally friendly packaging materials. PP sheet can be made into various products through secondary processing such as thermoforming, which is mainly used for packaging of food, medicine, equipment and so on. For example, processed jelly boxes, dairy packaging boxes, fast food boxes, cold drink containers, trays, microwave appliances, etc. can be used for food packaging; processed into blisters can be used for packaging solid preparations such as pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. In foreign countries, especially in developed countries and regions, transparent PP sheets are used in food packaging and other fields.