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PET Sheet production line 

Brief Introduction 

PET transparent light sheet is a kind of thermoplastic green environmental protection plastic product. It has the remarkable characteristics of good ductility, little temperature influence, and good insulation characteristics among thermoplastics. After production and processing, the PET transparent light sheet has good brightness and high-quality transparency.

Product size: 1. Thickness: 0.15mm-2.5mm; 2. Product width: 600-1280mm

Uses: PET transparent light film is mainly used for blister, folding box, printing, window, panel, advertising consumables, and is widely used in food packaging, toy gift packaging, hardware tool packaging, advertising printing packaging, electronic product packaging, clothing Templates, tags, etc.

Technical Features

1) Twin screw combination technology

Years of accumulated experience in R&D and design of twin-screw configuration are optimized and combined with advanced software technology. Special double-threaded elements and unique screw combinations can realize conveying plasticization, mixing and mixing, shearing and dispersing, homogenizing, and exhausting. Various functions such as devolatilization, pressure building and extrusion. Especially for the removal of the crystal water inside the PET material, it has a very high efficiency. The specially designed exhaust port does not emit material, and is free and unobstructed. It realizes low-temperature extrusion and avoids the thermal degradation of PET;
2) Vacuum exhaust technology
Multi-stage forced exhaust is efficient and safe to ensure that the PET material will not be hydrolyzed or crystallized during the melting and plasticizing process. Special three-stage vacuum exhaust technology and oil-gas separation technology, super large pumping capacity and super high vacuum, greatly reduce the viscosity reduction of PET.
3) Spiral flow channel technology inside the high-strength roller
The internal spiral flow channel structure design of the high-strength roller is equipped with a water temperature control system, so that the roller has precise temperature control and efficient heat transfer effects;