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Product features and applications

The PP hollow grid board produced by our company's equipment has light material, high strength, moisture resistance, smooth surface, good environmental performance and secondary processing performance. PP grid board can be processed into turnover boxes, packing boxes, partitions, lining boards, and pads Plates, bottom brackets, etc., are widely used in electronics, home appliances, luggage, machinery, postal, food, medicine, advertising and decoration industries.

The equipment is mainly used for the production of PP hollow grid plates. The thickness of PP grid board is 2-14mm, 1220-2600mm.

Brief Introduction

The production line mainly includes:
Extruder: The screw's special exhaust design and advanced PLC temperature control system ensure good plasticization of the plastic and high output and stable extrusion.

Screen changer: The hydraulic quick screen changer is selected to make the screen change process fast and effective; the double station and special sealing structure ensure the stable operation of the screen changer

Mould: The mould is made of high-quality alloy steel, with a highly movable throttling device, so that the distribution pressure of the material flow in the die is even and consistent; the differential adjustment of the upper and lower die ensures the uniformity of the upper and lower wall thickness.

Vacuum setting table: The setting system is equipped with a fast heat exchange refrigeration system, which is effectively interleaved with the vacuum system and distributed sequentially. This distribution ensures the setting accuracy. The vacuum system is composed of two independent sub-systems, each sub-system is equipped with multiple three-point fixed cycle vacuum lines, each fixed cycle carries a vacuum adjustment system and a vacuum display system, so that the vacuum degree of the sheet surface is uniform and stable .

Traction machine: There are first and second groups of tractors. The first group of tractors is of high-power, large reduction ratio, multi-roller type. It has excellent low-speed running performance and large traction, which can uniformly remove the plate from the vacuum setting table. Pull out. The second group of tractors is used for stress relief. It is also equipped with a trimming device to ensure the effective width of the board and the quality of the board edge.

Stress eliminator: The advanced large-area conduction heating method can effectively eliminate the stress of the plate and further improve the flatness of the plate.

Cutting machine: Equipped with precise instant fixed-length cutting and automatic lifting and unloading devices, special alloy wear-resistant blades, to ensure the quality of the cut surface of the plate