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EVA TPU Solar Film Extrusion Machine

General introduction

EVA, ethylene vinyl acetate, is the type of material produced by SUMINO¡¯s extruded foil production line, especially for the production of solar photovoltaic panels.
EVA foil can protect photovoltaic cells, encapsulate and wrap silicon cells, and can achieve a perfect seal with the external glass plate and backplane (lower layer) and has high adhesion.

  • Materials: EVA, TPU
  • Width: 1.050 ¨C 2.100 mm
  • Thickness range: 0,3 ¨C 0,8 mm

Photovoltaic is widely developed around the world, and is known as one of the most important alternative energy industries.
SUMINO has prepared a high-tech product line that can meet the highest requirements for this special application.
The material used for this application (EVA) is a material that adds stabilizers to light, cross-linking, peroxide and other process components; the next step is to pass "post-curing" in an autoclave or infrared oven after extrusion The crosslinks obtained. Therefore, the extrusion line needs to produce foils that have maximum light transmittance and can avoid cross-linking during processing. The extruder is equipped with a very precise temperature control system and is equipped with a screw with a specific geometry for this application. The screw and barrel are made of special materials. The weight dosing system can simultaneously supply liquid and solid additives. Provides a series of extruders that can meet the most diverse requirements.