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PP PE hollow profile sheet machine

PP PE hollow profile sheet machine Brief Introduction

PP PE hollow profile sheet machine unit consists of single screw extruder, hydraulic screen changer, mold, setting machine, primary tractor, annealing furnace, cooling box, secondary tractor, cross-cutting machine and conveyor.

PP PE hollow profile sheet machine main model

Extruder specifications                               PP SJ-100/35                           PP SJ-120/35 --SJ150/35
Main motor power                                     75KW                                     110-132KW
Product width                                           1300-1600mm                         1600-2600mm
Product thickness                                      2-10mm                                  2-10mm


1. Good water resistance. Even if it is completely immersed in water for many days, it will not be deformed by moisture. It will not rot and rust.
2. It does not stick to cement, it is easy to demould after construction, and it will not be deformed due to cement adhesion.
3. High construction efficiency and good quality. The surface of the building constructed with it is smooth and flat, and no secondary modification is necessary.
4. When processing the template, the surface of the template can be pretreated to obtain the desired wall pattern.
5. The PP building template is light in weight and easy to construct.
6. Long life and many times of repeated use. Waste formwork and leftover materials can be crushed and then processed into new formwork, which meets the requirements of "green and environmental protection".
7. The method of adding wood can be used for various treatments, and welding can also be carried out, so secondary processing can be carried out flexibly at the construction site.
8. The surface of the board is smooth, with small size error, and has many advantages such as sawing, nailing, planing, corrosion resistance, and strong flame retardant.
9. It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor construction templates, mobile houses, packing box boards and cabin partitions of trains and ships, etc.