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Single-layerExtrusion casting film lamination machine

Single-layer coating of paper, film, aluminum foil, non-woven fabric, cloth, and other substrates.

Product Application of Extrusion laminating machine:
1.Paper cups : PE coated paper
2.Non woven bags : Non woven fabric + PE
3.Release paper : Release paper + PE
4.Sugar packages : Thin paper + PE
5.Baby diaper : Thin non woven +PE
6.PP : sheet roll + PE

Main Parts Introduction

•PLC man-machine interface centralized control, integrated design of machine, electricity and gas.
•High-precision boundless imported original die head
•High-speed and high-efficiency mixing device can be equipped with automatic winding and unwinding, non-stop roll change, fast screen change, corona machine, and other auxiliary devices according to customer needs. The machine can be customized according to customer needs.

Structure and composition

The whole machine is composed of feeding device, extruder main machine, die, unwinding mechanism, compound mechanism, winding mechanism, edge position control device, trimming device, heating and cooling system, electrical measurement and control system and other parts. According to the needs of different products, the second unwinding mechanism, printing equipment, oven, substrate surface treatment device (corona machine, etc.), online thickness gauge and other components can be added. Front process equipment: granulator, printing machine or other equipment; back process equipment: slitting machine or other equipment

Main parameters

Applicable coating film resin
Coating grade like LDPE ,PP ,EVA,EAA etc
Based material
paper (35~425g/m2 ) , textile fibre ,non-woven fabric, Knited mesh, BOPP. BOPET .
Max working speed
Max width of coating film
2800mm/custom design
Thickness of coating film
Inaccuracy thickness of coating film
Setting range of Auto-tension
10-200kg/entire width (constant tension)
Max extrusion
Compound cooling roller
5101300mm (can choose)
Total power:
about 110 kw
Max rewinding diameter
Inside diameter of base material
Machine total weight
about 15000kg
Overall dimension