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POE film recycling machine

In order to recycle the scraps of the film produced by the POE film casting machine, avoid the waste of raw materials, and save the production cost of customers, the POE film granulator plays a key role, and the POE recycled materials produced by it can be used for second times.

Using a conical double-stage single screw, the machine not only has the advantages of good plasticization performance, excellent mixing performance, large extrusion force, high output, low energy consumption, etc., but also adopts different designs according to the characteristics of different POE raw materials, which can meet Different customer requirements. It has the advantages of low operating noise, long service life of the screw, simple operation and advanced configuration.

Water-cooled strand pelletizing

Appearance of the cut pellets: the pellets are cylindrical, with neat end faces, medium size in production, and adjustable length.

Application range: It is suitable for most plastic granulation, mainly used for plastic filling modification, reinforced plastics, color masterbatch, engineering plastic alloy, special masterbatch and other plastic pelletizing processes. It is the most widely used process. Convenient operation, easy maintenance and other advantages, it is also the most economical choice.

Auxiliary machines mainly include: stainless steel sink, air knife (for drying), pelletizer, vibrating screen, silo, dryer, etc.