Plastic Film Extrusion Machinery Manufacturer-Nanjing Sumino Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • Laminating Type : Single/ Sandwich
  • Lamination Resin : LDPE /PP / Biodegradable resin (PLA)
  • Finish width : 900 mm to 1850 mm or custom
  • Laminating Weight : 10 gsm to 60 gsm or more
  • Laminating Substrates: Paper & Paper Board (25 gsm to 500 gsm), PE/ PET/ PP / PVC / Met PET films, Al. foil, Woven, Nonwoven as well as glass fibre fabrics, any material scrim etc.
LDPE is commonly used to increase water vapor/ moisture barrier of a laminate apart from imparting heat sealing ability.

Brief introduction of EXTRUSION COATING & LAMINATION technology

Plastic Extrusion is a industrial process that enables to produce a melt of thermoplastic polymer material. When this poly melt is coated as a thin layer onto a moving substrate as a functional coating, the process is known as ¡°Extrusion Coating¡±.

When poly melt in above process is used as a ¡°glue¡± to combine ttwo substrates, it is known as ¡°Extrusion Lamination¡±.

Extrusion Coating/Lamination is a highly versatile process allowing combination of various substrates (i.e. Paper, Al. foil, Plastic films, Non wovens, etc.) of different thickness to form a composite structure with high level of quality combining individual specific characteristics of each substrate and the thermoplastic material used.