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Automatic paper lamination machine

Brief Introduction

Automatic paper lamination machine is equipped with advanced electrical appliances and mechanical devices throughout the entire process from substrate delivery, compounding to coiling, which realizes monotonic and group control linkage, which improves the degree of automatic control. 

The extruder adopts automatic temperature control, automatic feeding, stepless speed regulation and long-life screen changing device; dual-station surface friction automatic winding device, equipped with product length measurement, pneumatic cross-cutting, adjustable edge trimming and edge blowing structure , The clutch of each roller of the whole machine is controlled by pneumatic.


Applications of automatic paper lamination machine

SMLM plastic extruded film laminating machine is a series of products of our company: laminating width is from 800-5000MM, composite substrates include plastic woven cloth (bag), ton cloth (bag), paper, film, aluminum foil, non-woven fabric, luggage cloth The composite forms include single-sided coating, single-substrate or multi-substrate composite, etc. There are a variety of specifications and models to choose from.

Device model


Product width (mm)


Product thickness (mm)


Maximum linear speed m/min