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PP PLA PE PS sheet extrusion line


This machine is used to produce PP PE PLA PS plastic sheet rolls for thermoforming machine and vacuum forming machine, which is used for making disposable plastic water drinking cups, juice cups, tea cups, milk cups, ice cream cups, yogurt cups, jelly cups, bowls, food containers, lids, flowerpot, seeding trays, etc various packages.

Device model


Product width (mm)


Product thickness (mm)


Maximum linear speed m/min


Introduction of the PP PLA PE PS sheet extrusion line

1.The whole line of the machine adopts Siemens PLC online control, which is convenient and simple to operate.

2.Single screw extruder and special screw are used to ensure the melting effect of plastic.
3.The hydraulic screen changer provides an excellent seal effect to ensure non-stop work.
4.The melt pump ensures the smooth extrusion of the plastic and the uniformity of the sheet.
5.Use high-precision molds to ensure the uniformity of extruded plastics.
6.Three-roll calendar provides good thermostat
7.The online trimming and recycling device avoids waste of side material, and can be recycled and crushed to the feeding hopper online to realize real-time recycling and production.
8.The oven device ensures that the sheet does not curl.
9.The traction system is equipped with a meter counter to promptly remind the rewinding and changing reels.
10.Double-station automatic rewinding is adopted.