Plastic Film Extrusion Machinery Manufacturer-Nanjing Sumino Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd

SUMINO offers a wide range of cast line for the production of Polipropilene film (CPP), equipped with:

  • New barrier low shear design to improve melt quality and reduce energy consumption, specifically designed for Polipropilene resins
  • Optimal L/D ratio for perfect melt quality production
  • Heaters bands for quicker heating and lower energy consumption
  • Vector motors, lower power consumption
  • Reduced length of connection necks between extruders and feed block
  • Cast extrusion die with "positive§ inclination on the chill-roll
  • Trims reprocessing unit with compactor and forced feeder


PP and metallised film is widely use in food packaging. In line with the food packaging market need, the plant is designed and set up with production capability to meet the stringent ※food safety§ requirements and is equipped with sophisticated and advanced manufacturing machinery from the world*s leading supplier. The plant is able to produce high quality multi -layer CPP film and high barrier metallised film (MCPP, MBOPP, MPET etc).

The result of the above mentioned features is low power consumption per kg of film produced.

Main Features:

FEEDING Gravimetric groups, continuous or batch type, up to 6 hoppers for each extruder
EXTRUDERS Specific design for PP resins: 55 每 65 每 75 每 90 每 105 每 120 每 150 每 160 每 180 DEKC
L/D RATIO 30 - 32 - 35
FEEDBLOCK and DIE Variable or fix geometry feed block
Automatic extrusion die with internal deckling system
CHILL-ROLL Dual-type
GAUGE CONTROL SYSTEM Automatic control system with following choice of sensors:
WINDERS Automatic turret winder
Automatic turret winder with independent arm
RECOVERY OF THE TRIMS In-line reprocessing systems
SUPERVISOR Operator friendly line supervisor model logicontrol 2.0
ADDITIONAL DEVICES In-line multislit system
Annealing section

1200 mm 3 Up to 350 kg/h
1600 mm 每 1800 mm 每 2100 mm 3 Up to 500 kg/h
2400 mm 3/5 Up to 1000 kg/h
2800 mm 5 Up to 1200 kg/h
3000 mm 5 Up to 1000 kg/h