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Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panel Awning Panel Glazing Panel Sheet Extrusion Line

Key Parts
1. Extruder
Specially designed extruder screw and advanced temperature control system retain the plastic properties of the polycarbonate resin while ensuring extrusion efficiency. High energy efficiency is a major benefit of this PC sheet extruder. The extruder motor consumes 20% less power than an equivalent motor made by our competitors.

2. Extrusion Die
High quality alloy extrusion die lip and choker bar provides uniform pressure drop from die inlet to die lip. Precisely machined die assures good quality of finished extruded sheet.

3. Vacuum Calibration Table
The thermal convection system of the calibration table features an intersection arrangement which ensures the hot PC resin flow is effectively cooled and the final extrudate achieves the desired shape and accurate dimensions. As far as the shape forming process is concerned, our multiwall sheet extrusion machinery allows rapid shape formation through sizing and cooling without the need of cold water. It helps save energy and improves efficiency.

4. Dry Vacuum Calibrator
The vacuum calibrator consists of 2 independent sub-systems, which are equipped with many close-loop vacuum channels.

5. Electrical Control System
Programmable logic control ensures precise extrusion process parameters and optimized operation features.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panel Awning Panel Glazing Panel Sheet Extrusion Line
1. Required high production efficiency
2. Production flexibility( controllable sheet thickness and width, for example, you can produce 2-30mm thick sheet with the same mould or machine)
3. Reliability and stability
4.Excellent Adaptability to different raw material and reach over 30% production cost reduction.
5. Size and shape diversity of finished products

The applications of PC sunshine board
1. Strange decorations in gardens, amusement places and corridors and pavilions in resting places;
2. Interior and exterior decoration of commercial buildings, curtain walls of modern urban buildings;
3. Aviation transparent containers, front windshields of motorcycles, airplanes, trains, ships, automobiles, motorboats, submarines and glass military and police shields;
4. Arrangement of pavilions, advertising signs, light box advertisements, display exhibitions;
5. Instruments, meters, high and low voltage switch cabinet panels and military industry, etc.;
6. High-end interior decoration materials such as walls, ceilings, and screens;
7. Noise barriers for expressways and urban elevated roads;
8. Agricultural greenhouses and breeding greenhouses;
9. Greenhouse
10. The ceiling of the modern ecological restaurant;
11. Bicycle sheds, balcony sunshades and roof rest pavilions in all units or communities;

12. Office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities, etc.


PP/Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line
Max Sheet Width(mm)
Sheet Thickness(mm)
2-6 6-12 12-18
2-6 6-12 12-18
2-6 6-12
Line Speed(m/min)
1-6 2-10
Max Output(kg/h)
Motor Power(KW)
Type of Screw
SM105/36 SM110/36 SM120/36 SM135/36 SM150/36