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PE/PP hollow board/template production line/machine


Hollow sheet extrusion production line is suitable for the production of hollow plates of various specifications, special screw structure, control of technical parameters, stable setting equipment and precise temperature control system. The electronic control equipment effectively optimizes the whole line operation and achieves high quality and high output.
Through ¡¸Corona Treater¡¹, using high-voltage and high-frequency waves, the electric shock molecules are ejected from the air nozzle, and the molecular structure is destroyed by the electric shock and penetration into the surface of the printed body, so that the surface of the printed body increases the adhesion ability, and can be coated or printing.


PP hollow profile has non-toxic, 100% recycled, light weight, low temperature resistance, waterproof and moisture proof, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, energy absorption, noise blocking effect.
Widely used in architecture for light partitions, building material protection boards, and packaging for aquatic vegetable and fruit packaging boxes, turnover boxes, etc.
In addition, PP hollow sheet are colorful, printable, and processable that are also widely used in stationery, Card supplies, etc.

PP Hollow Building Template Advantages:
1. Light weight, high strength, high hardness, impact resistance, wear resistance.
2. Surface is smooth, bright and clean; Concreting and forming effect is good for pp hollow sheet making machine.
3. No absorption of moisture, no deformation, no mildew; Long-term immersion stratification in the water, no bubbles, sheet size stability, especially suitable for underground and damp environment.
4. Good toughness. pp hollow sheet making machine could be used as cambered special-shaped formwork.
5. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance; pp hollow sheet making machine is very suitable for the engineering application in coastal areas, mine, as well as seawall. pp hollow sheet making machine needs not do any preservative treatment both in using and storing the formwork, which do not pollute the concrete surface.
6. The reusable time for pp hollow sheet making machine can reach more than 60 times, long service life.
7. Waste products can be recycled and reprocessed, making full use of waste materials. This property can greatly reduce the project cost compared with wooden formwork and bamboo formwork.
8. Environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution. No any poisonous or harmful gas.
9. Demould easily. No need brushing release agent, only tapping, the plywood formwork price will fall off. Shorten working hours and speed up the construction schedule efficiently.
10. Easy to process. Sawing, drilling and nailing are all available. pp hollow sheet making machine can be combined vertically and horizontally optionally.

11. Easy to remove. Removing is convenient, quick and safe, and the supporting is also easy to operate, advantageous to the organization construction, effectively improving the construction schedule.

PP/Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line
Max Sheet Width(mm)
Sheet Thickness(mm)
2-6 6-12 12-18
2-6 6-12 12-18
2-6 6-12
Line Speed(m/min)
1-6 2-10
Max Output(kg/h)
Motor Power(KW)
Type of Screw
SM105/36 SM110/36 SM120/36 SM135/36 SM150/36